out of home advertising &  led digital street furniture

MUPI LED Screens -what is LED Digital Street Furniture or MUPI screens? Digital Advertising Street Furniture, also known as MUPI, is an acronym for the French phrase Mobilier Urbain Pour L’Information. MUPI is a trademark of French outdoor advertising company JC Decaux. Also known as an outdoor advertising board, MUPI is usually placed on a sidewalk or pedestrian walkway. Many times this type of LED display can be found within a shopping complex, train station as well as airports. MUPI can be single-sided or double-sided and are lit with an LED display.

Digital Street Furniture is a growing benefit to local foot and bicycle traffic in a downtown or city center shopping areas. MUPI, is allowing local government, as well as advertisers, a wireless connectivity to the LED digital display. These types of LED digital displays are visually stimulating and located at a unique eye-level position, which in reaching passers by in public spaces outside of the business or organizations physical location. Digital Street Furniture and MUPI is also called OOH which is an “out of home” digital advertising format, allowing the reaching of customers outside of the physical place of the business.  

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MUPI LED Screens

MUPI 3.9mm

Out of Home Advertising MUPI

  • 3.9mm pixel pitch
  • IP65/54, weather proof
  • Outdoor ultra HD display
  • High brightness
  • Easy management
  • Outdoor plug & play
  • Integrated design
MUPI LED Screens
MUPI LED Screens